P302Rivals Football - Chelsea FC
by CCCC, 26/11, 09:51

Could definitely have been 2/3 up this n the first half. Cahill tried a daft rabona (sic) from 6 yards instead of just leathering it. Hazard was fantastic and all our chances tended to involve him. However he just clattered but Salah around 60mins and then was clearly limping the rest of the game and became very quiet. The actually scored during what I thought was (at that point) are best spell of the second half. Bakayoko, who I thought was shite yesterday, had the chance to clear the ball but tried to bring it under control and it just sent Salah through on goal. We really pushed on after their goal with both Willian and Pedro coming on and also Fabregas who began to pull the strings from deep. Our goal had a huge slice of luck, but I felt we had them on the ropes at this point and believed a winner Win would come next.

No reason why we can’t win out next 8 league games now.

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