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by Famous, 03/12, 16:45

Agreed, he’s not the worst manager in the world, albeit he is a very flawed one IMHO and overrated at times by some of his pals in the media. I think it says a lot that ex-players, like Gerrard, don’t exactly rave about him in the way a lot of ex-players of Guardiola, Mourinho, Klopp, Pochettino etc. tend to always speak well about them.
The fact is that a part of what makes football so great is that tribal element, and he was not and never will be one of us. He will always be one of ‘them’ and would always openly admit that himself.
Plus, I can’t stand this false narrative that he did a good job here or steadied the ship. It was probably the most divisive I’ve ever seen this club, with regards the disconnect between board and supporters, and there’s been plenty of competition for that over the years!
We were only points behind the leaders when he joined and ended up 14 behind, just scraping CL football in an era where there weren’t six or seven strong teams in the League like there is now. We also lost to inferior sides in the League Cup semi and World Club Cup final and, in the Europa League, ended up winning an eighth competition after missing out on the seven we set out to win at the start of that campaign (albeit Robbie was in charge for us losing three of those).

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