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by CLL_JT26, 01/01, 22:59

If baba came back, I think he'd be behind kenedy.

For me, there's no point in signing many in January, as the standard of player we want probably won't be available, so wait to sign 2-3 top players in the summer that can have a big effect on the starting 11, aswell as recalling ruben and Tammy.

We desperately need another decent striker in January imo. Batshuayi clearly isnt trusted by conte so basically going with morata isn't enough. Aubemeyang was available all summer for about 50m, he's the one I would go for.

We should be monitoring the Sanchez situation closely, even though he looks likely to go to city. If he does we should then see if aguero is available, even though he's a cnut.

The best 2 signings we could make right now are new contracts for hazard and courtois.

Hope we don't go back in for Barkley.

Psg need to sell by all accounts, they've got some decent attackers sat on the bench that could add to the squad at a decent price, which i think could appeal to the club - possibly Lucas moura?

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