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New players
by CLL_JT26, 02/01, 09:55

Just to beef up the squad for next season really, as I don't see us doing a man city or man utd and just going out and spending 200m+ and it looks like we'll have all 4 competitions to go for again next season. Tammy for eg I would only be looking at as a 3rd striker next season, not as a replacement for batshuayi as the no2 striker.

I'm not one for just playing the youth, but I think if we can integrate a few in to the squad (just as back up) similar to how Barcelona do things, then we can stop spending 25m+ on average back up players like batshuayi/zappacosta/baba etc over and over again and spend more on top players that can have a serious impact on the first 11.

You never know what these young lads might produce in a carling cup appearance or something like that. For all the money United have spent, their best player this season looks like lingard! :-D

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