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by upthechels @, 04/01, 11:04

Conte: Nothing he did or didn't do upset me and left me scratching my head.

Team: Massive effort and absolutely spot on desire to win the game.

Moratta: Missed great chances but bags and bags of effort. Still prone to going down looking for the cheap free kick...that annoys me more than missed chances tbh. Needs to be tougher and needs to know when to stay upright. Don't be bounced all the time, be the bouncer sometimes. Lots to learn about English football. I have doubts over his confidence and I see a Torres wrapped up in him. His final chance reeked of zero confidence on the night. Is he an Anelka type of player and we need a Drogba for him? I'm still happy with him and see things getting much better for him.

Ref watch. Mostly good but he missed a glorious chance to be 'fair' and second card Wilshere for the dive. That proved a massive mistake for us on the night.

Summary: I'm delighted with the attitude and desire shown. I feel more confident going into the semi with them than I did before last night. Top game.

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