P302Rivals Football - Chelsea FC
by cfcww, 04/01, 13:24

Conte: Poor decision to play Bakayoko ahead of Drinkwater but other than that no issues. Hopefully Bakayoko is a learner and I expect he'll be better next season.

Morata: He has missed four one on ones with the keeper in the last two games which is poor but every other part of his game looks spot on. Again, I expect we'll see the best of him next season (If we keep Hazard)

The only thing that Taylor got wrong was the Fabregas booking. He had no view to see Wilshere dive so would be reliant on his assistant to call it which they never do.

Would have taken a draw but in hindsight it should have been 8-5 to us!. Thought both teams looked wide open, probably due to playing four games in twelve days!!

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