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Rivals timemachine ?
by Dave, 08/01, 14:08

Hello fellow bankrupts. So whats the lowdown on this Roman Abramovich chap that's just bought us ? Is it true he's going to boot us out to merge with QPR and build a huge mansion on the site of the Bridge ?

Seems obvious that John Terry is off in the summer and we're stuck with that fat lump Lampard, we'll never achieve anything with him clogging up midfield.

Suppose another decade of watching Arsenal dominate lies ahead, only a matter of time before they win the European Cup, especially with all quality of their youth set up.. guarantees 3 or 4 top class first team players a year until 2012 at least, when you add the high quality players they're signing as well, the likes of Francis Jeffers, pretty much guarantees them being top club in Europe for years.

Dread to think how we'll end up in 2012, probably struggling in the 3rd division with Wimbledon and watching Arsenal Captain Ashley Cole lift another European cup/PL double for them.

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