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by cfcswa @, 04/03, 20:17

Whilst overall, a 1-0 result doesn’t seem too bad, I think the subtext is more important.

Commentators and pundits all seemed to miss that we were short of not just Kante, but Bakayoko, Ampadu, Luiz and Barkley - all of whom could have stiffened the midfield today.

That said, we surrendered possession far too cheaply all game, there were simply too many basic errors. When you only have a small % of possession, you need to be slick, keep the ball and ask questions. We didn’t.

Christensen made an error and it cost us. He could have cleared twice and didn’t whilst Alonso was too weak at the back post and Thibault was on his arse. Poor from all 3.

Other than that we kept them quiet but my gripe is that we had 44 mins + to get back in the game and seemingly were happy to accept 1-0 against.

We won’t get top 4 now and we seriously need to show some bottle.

I love Conte, however he doesn’t change it when it is not going our way. That’s not just today, it’s been a few times this season when the game needs some impetus. Keeping it exactly the same or like for like swaps won’t change the course of the game.

There’s blatantly something wrong inside the club. Not one single football person at the top echelon of the club. No communication forthcoming either. Maybe our luck of rotating managers and getting away with it has come to an end??

We need to get someone who knows the game to act as the buffer between Manager and Board.

The fans deserved more today. In fine voice in the first half despite a lacklustre display.

Up the Chels

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