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by upthechels @, 05/03, 16:03

Must admit I'm starting to question some of things he's doing.

Last season he took on a team with low expectation and void of any European football...he did it very well and was close to bringing 2 trophies home to us. The last part of the season saw us in a struggle to the line after a magnificent run had set us up for the title...much the same as City this season but they have maintained form. The cup final attempt was a mere tired effort...tbh. I was happy with what we had but I did want investment during the summer.

This season...First up Burnley - they do us at home...3 down at HT and we will end the game losing with just 9 men left on the pitch. We bounce back to win at Spurs...Burnley was a blip we say. City do us at home...we bounce back away to Atletico and all is well again. October has been a good month for us...until we face pointless Palace deeply rooted to the foot of the table...we lose. We've also thrown away a 2 goal lead vs Roma in the CL...something that will come back and bite our bum because we're now looking to better Barca away - we rave about Dzeko - who has barely scored since. Roma end the month thumping us 3-0...that was a very poor effort...we made them look like Real Madrid.

November and December arrives...smashing months, just what the doctor ordered...we're back on it.

January....terrible performance in the cup away to lowly Norwich. We live to fight another day though...we see them off via a penalty shoot out. The league cup see's us draw 0-0 at home to Arsenal...not looking too healthy for the second leg...we lose that 2-1 and we're out. We round the month off getting thumped at home to Bournemouth...3-0.

February...oh dear...4-1 defeat at Watford WTF is that all about???...an aggregate of 1-7 in 2 games against BOURNEMOUTH and WATFORD??? Minor recovery made verses bottom of the table WBA and struggling championship side Hull. Fair and decent show vs Barca but it leaves a mountain to climb...TBC. Great first half v United and then for some reason Chelsea stop playing and hand the game to United...we lose valuable points to a close rival for top 4. We fear City now and we go there with a double decker that has the curtains closed...we're not even look out today...we lose. We're like a boxer who backs himself into the corner and covers his upper body with his arms and gloves not offering to punch his opponent back...only one winner can come this and it's not the boxer in defence.

I've not gone into the tactics employed...the false 9 on occasions when we've had fit strikers in Morata, Batshuyi and Giroud. Just yesterday we need a goal and we see the second striker arrive in the 89th minute!!! His moans have also grown tiresome on many...must admit I've stopped listening to him now because he seems angry and vague.

That's not to say I want him out...I just want to see much better from him. I think there's enough there for Roman to sack him though - that is what I expect to happen within the next phase of the season.

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