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by chesterfield-chelsea, 05/03, 17:20

In my opinion Conte is a tactical genius, you talk about him not having a plan B, I think he’s got plans A-Z. The season we had last season was all bad a miracle, because that squad was thin and lacking in leaders, he managed to transition John Terry and dealt with a Diego Costa as well as he could’ve .. a diego Costa who could easily have derailed our title the Friday night before Leicester away.

Conte’s genius is that he plays to the strength of our players, however we failed to back him the way we should’ve, we spent a good sum of money but on the wrong targets.

Conte is a coach, he gets the best out of players, Alonso is one example.. his pursuit of Sandro tells you he recognizes the weakness, we would be a completely different proposition offensively and defensively with him in a he team.

Likewise Kante, we signed a top drawer player, conte improved him even further.. but we should’ve given him the players he wanted... no chance we’d be so far behind this city team if we had Naingollan in midfield instead of Bakayoko...

We have changed our approach and relatively that means we won’t match either Manchester club for spending and we will also face a bigger threat in spurs and Liverpool, I see no manager better tactically who can keep us competitive now we refuse to do decent business in the transfer market.

I like to see us play youth as well but not at the Expense of becoming less competitive, and I’d rather go and play like we did yesterday than go in 0-3 like Arsenal did it worse..

We may be current champions but that team is a shadow of the one with Costa in it and I’d rather go into a game solid with a chance of coming out of it with a 0-1 or a point than going to play football and getting smashed.

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