P302Rivals Football - Chelsea FC
by Famous, 05/03, 21:20

Which you could suggest was a good game plan from Conte, if you were to play devils advocate...
I dunno, I think the reaction has been completely OTT personally. It’s not like we always play like that, it was a one-off game against a top side who are simply better than us because the whole club has set itself up to give a great manager everything he needs to succeed, which our club hasn’t done for well over a decade now.
The game plan didn’t work, it’s always a risk playing that way and as much as they didn’t really cause us many problems which is testament to how well we defended at times, we were so poor on the ball when we did get it that the players have to accept responsibility for making the plan look even worse. I’d take losing like that than “giving it a go” and potentially getting hammered, but that’s just personal preference.

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