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by cfcww, 06/03, 14:13

We were an under performing side that happened to finish mid table in one season the year after we were Champions, its not as if we were Everton. Its fair to say that prior to the change to using wing backs, his tactics were pretty underwhelming. He caught the other managers out for a long enough period because of their own vanity and ignorance, by the time they woke up, we were over the hill and far away.

Everybody knows the failings of the board, the type of players we've signed and how flakey they are compared to what we've had in the past but that wasn't the problem on Sunday. he sent a team out to lose, he virtually admitted that himself post match. He's making us out to be the Washington Generals and Man City to be the Harlem Globetrotters FFS.

It's 90 minutes of football against human beings not superior beings from another planet, the team he sent out in that formation could not win. You do not play your best player, one of the most coveted in world football, out of position when Kante, your second best player is lying on the floor of the team bus!!

I've played enough sport to know that to win games you do what the opposition don't want you to do. If you had asked Guardiola before the game to choose which position he'd want Hazard to play, No 9 or No 10, what do you think he'd have chosen? He'd snap your arm off for No 9 because he knows he can't hurt them from there, even Wenger worked that out six weeks ago.

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