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Liverpool FA Cup 82
by cfcww, 06/03, 14:35

Was the game that cemented my love for Chelsea. Too be honest before that, I could take or leave us. My dad took me as a kid in the 70s and I was going on and off with mates from school home and away to a few London games. We were pretty shit and it was more of a crack getting into mischief and singing songs than any real love for Chelsea.

The game against Liverpool was a game we couldn't win. They were a great side, European Champions full of world class players proven at every level with the medals to show for it. We were mid table in Division 2 at the time with worse to come.

But the manager didn't bottle it, he set the team up to get the ball wide and get in behind Liverpool's full backs and put pressure on them. The players took their lead from the manager and turned the great Liverpool over 2-0. I was sold, it was Chelsea from then on because on that occasion they showed bottle and proved that just because a team may be better than you, doesn't mean you can't win.

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