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Liverpool FA Cup 82
by cfcww, 06/03, 18:18

He was defeatist, he set his team up exactly how City wanted it to be meaning they could play with freedom and have the ball with no pressure from us and absolutely no concern about us scoring.

You can't dress this up as some tactical attempt that has gone wrong. You cannot beat a supposedly better side unless you are willing to risk losing or drawing and he was too scared to try either.

He had two strikers on the bench and the best number ten in the league on the pitch and made no use of them even at 1-0 down. all he was bothered about was not losing 3-0 and having his reputation damaged.

I will always admire your defence of the accused Famous and a lot of times I stand with you, but he doffed the cap to Guardiola on Sunday and scuttled away.

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