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Server costs
by shed69, 13/03, 12:16

I thought I'd have to post up a new give-me-all-ya-money post for everyone, but I've just checked the PayPal account of which many here contributed and it nearly covers the server costs for another year.

For transparency, there's £250.99 in the PayPal pot, and the server renewal, including VAT is £287.88 (last year it was discounted as it was the first year I'd used the server company) . This account is untouched until server renewal time. There's no ads on this site, so no other income other than your good selves and any passing lurkers.

Therefore if anyone else can chuck in a few quid to cover the shortfall, and start building towards the following year then it would be much appreciated as always.

I'll post this up on the Everton board as you never know even one post per month may equate to some kind of contribution.

Thanks [tea]

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