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by Famous, 09/04, 15:09

Why does he deserve better, cos he’s a talented player? People talk about him in the same breath as Messi and Ronaldo but the difference is, rather than allow themselves to be restricted by their teammate, those two show personality by winning games on their own and they do it consistently. Hazard has won us games with his ability, don’t get me wrong, but he also goes missing a lot too.

I like Hazard but I think he’s too nice for his own good. He’s obviously a fantastic player on his day, but given how central every manager has made him to the team, he is too often found lacking when we really need him for my liking. Bearing in mind the club have got rid of the likes of De Bruyne and Salah in favour of Hazard, I think it’s fair to say we’d expect to be seeing him do more for us on a more regular basis. As I say, he’ll get a shock if he thinks this will be good enough for a club like Real Madrid.

I judge him by the very high expectations that he’s had surrounding him since before he joined us, maybe that’s harsh of me but with the ability he’s got, it’s a shame he’s not made that step up to become a truly elite player.

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