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by Famous, 09/04, 20:47

None of them play for Portugal where he still manages to win games on his own fairly regularly. When he was Hazard’s age, he was doing it on his own. Obviously he plays a different way nowadays so is more reliant on other players but he would still shine in an inferior side. This is by no means a vintage Real side.
Ronaldo in his last two seasons with Utd was already on a different planet to anyone else in the League, and bearing in mind some of the players around at that time, that’s no easy feat. The main difference between Cristiano and Hazard is their personality. Talent wise, ok they have different strengths but Hazard matches him for natural ability and he’s not as lightweight as he looks. People mock Ronaldo for being selfish and arrogant but his dedication and desire to improve constantly and to be the best is what’s put him on Messi’s level. In a way, the fact Hazard hasn’t already left is part of the reason why he isn’t up there with the very best. I think he’s happy plodding along as he is.

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