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by Famous, 05/06, 11:57

In terms of who we could realistically get, Sarri, Jardim or Zidane would be interesting. I don’t know if any of them are particularly better than Conte but it does seem like a change is going to be needed. Not sure whether Zidane would even fancy it to be honest.
I doubt the likes of Allegri or Simeone would come here, but I’d be more than happy with either.

If we’re going to go left-field, Nagelsmann and Tedesco have done good jobs in Germany but would be a big ask to expect them to come to a new league, language etc., especially at their tender ages. I’ve always liked Sampaoli and he’s likely to be free after the World Cup, so maybe another left-field possibility there, but again you’re looking at a big culture change.

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