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Gotta be honest...
by shed69, 12/07, 16:22

I think that's missing the point to be honest B. It wasn't just about 3 victories, or 2 defeats. This was the culmination of a change of strategy in English football from around 2014, which has resulted in recent successes for u17s and u19s, and a more confident way of playing which is now preached throughout all age groups up the seniors. This was a very young squad, who were bound to make mistakes, and be naive in places. The way Southgate talked and conducted himself, not bowing down to media pressure or apologising for sticking to his principles and the aforementioned strategy, rubbed off on them, who - albeit sporadically - played freely, creatively and without fear.

I'm immensely proud of them in how they performed on the world stage, when others fell by the wayside. How they genuinely appreciated the away support, and how they wore their heart on their sleeves. We are currently lacking the creative edge that will take us further, but the experience they have taken from this is invaluable and puts us in a much stronger position for Euro 2020. From what I've heard, even though the u17s have been successful, it wont be for a another year or two when you will see even more talented youngsters coming through, which hopefully will the void in finding our own Modric.

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