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by Famous, 20/07, 14:01

I'm just speculating really. As you know, I'm no member of the 'PLAY THE KIDS' brigade. But if a younger player is more suited to his system & style of play than a more established, objectively better player (I'm thinking people like Giroud, Fabregas and Cahill) then one would think it'd make more sense to make use of them rather than trying to turn an older player into something they're not and would probably never be.
Whilst obviously having quality players should always be the priority, given our recent transfer record I sense they've got him in an attempt to make the team stronger than the sum of its parts. I just hope he doesn't get prematurely judged purely on the next couple of months or so, as once a board decides to swap a manager for another with such a different way of approaching the game, they surely then have to accept a period of transition.

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