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Best X1 in a 4-3-3 ?
by OSGOODWASGOOD, 10/08, 06:41

Ampadu is already a better defender than Luiz. His awareness of where he is, what is around him and his anticipation, remind me so much of Bobby Moore. Just because he is very young doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be in the team. He and Christensen should be allowed to develop what already looks a very promising and capable CB partnership.
As I see it, from pre-season, in this system, the weak links, without doubt, are Luiz, Alonso, Willian and Pedro. Morata needs to start showing he wants to play for us. Have not seen any of that all year. With what we have in the squad, I hope we are not stupid enough, to let, the one real goal scorer we have, Batshuayi, leave his month.

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