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by upthechels @, 20/08, 18:35

He's actually pretty close to getting us playing some very decent stuff. It's been great watching us try to dominate and keep the ball instead of that tired surrendering of the ball. The defence looked woeful vs Arsenal (we really got away with that one) but there is also hope Sarri can tinker sooner rather than later. I'm seeing Kante being useful up top but sorely missed further back. It's possible we will see a change there. Kovacic also looked terrier like...his addition would most likely also see improvement.

I'm very hopeful it's just a case of Sarri 'getting to grips' with what he has and he will adjust saving us from a season of what we saw vs Arsenal and more of the good stuff we've seen.

I like the look of Sarri and I reckon he will turn us into a very decent side again.

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