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Just about deserved
by upthechels @, 27/08, 10:28

The reaction to our 80%+ possession has been questionable. Man City do it and it's football from the gods - Chelsea do it and it's the work of the devil sent to bore us.

I don't blame Rafa (OUT) for sending his lads out to defend...it was our job to break them down and we did that just in the nick of time. We deserved our win but we need to add some directness in games like this. Zappacosta and Emerson may have offerered more options to get right down the flanks and in behind. Giroud and Morata would also be an option - offering Kante a break...was he needed yesterday? Not in my book.

I'm a huge Luiz fan...he done nothing to keep the haters off his back for the Newcastle goal....terrible Geezer. It just shows even with 80/20 you have to be switched on at all times.

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