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by upthechels @, 03/09, 14:55

I have my IPTV on a Amazon Firestick now. All PL games live and plenty of other channels for £30 (6 months). Best IPTV I've ever had and I've had a few :-D Wouldn't bother with it if I went to watch Chelsea every game but seeing as I'm now an armchair fan I pay up. Can't remember the last 90 mins I missed tbh...keeps me bang in touch with our performances even though it's from a distance and limited on what I see player movement wise.

I gave my IPTV guy the code and he just told me to redresh the firestick and I was up and away. I used to use my android box but as K says, that can be a lot of hassle finding a good build and then maintaining it. The Firestick is an absoloute doddle compared to anything else I've had. I can even take it on holiday with me...a recent trip I just plugged it in the tele and linked it to the wi-fi and game on!

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