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by Walter @, 30/09, 19:52

Watched on TV.

1) An already booked Sane dives to win a free-kick. No replay. Would've been interesting to at least see a replay to see if he deserved a second yellow.

2) David Luiz gave the ball away 3 times in the first 5 minutes. Then he was brilliant. Some of the balls he was pinging were incredible.

3) At 0-0, they could've scored 3 times before we did. I was a bag of nerves. Luckily, Salah was the worst I've ever seen him.

4) In my opinion, Van Djike was MOM.

5) Barkley was awful when he came on. The team really needed a steady head and a calming influence.

6) Really missing the Pedro / Willian rotation. Willian / Moses obviously inferior. Our bench is what it is.

7) Need a striker in January. Why Morata didn't go in for the 50/50 with the keeper is beyond me.

8) Unbeaten with a new manager and a new system. Honestly thought he'd be gone by Christmas.

9) Who is going Sunday? Pint?

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