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by ejm @, 13/11, 21:57


by Droy263, 14/11, 03:34 @ ejm

No sympathy. Bye bye, England cruised qualification. And out in the group WC stages no doubt.. [wink] it's all so boring nowadays.

by Famous, 14/11, 07:37 @ ejm

They were very average throughout the campaign really. Just shows even moreso what a good job Conte did with them.

Them and the Dutch will still probably get to the last four of a major finals before England do DFS

by stanic_worship, 14/11, 07:55 @ Famous

Yep - This side (on paper) is better than his, yet they managed to royally fk it up.

Decent illustration of what a decent coach can achieve when left to it...

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