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The Morata flick...
by ejm @, 18/11, 23:06

for the second goal. Joe Allon couldn't do that.

The Morata flick...
by shed69, 18/11, 23:28 @ ejm

Just brilliant

The Morata flick...
by gatfb, 19/11, 03:03 @ ejm

Joe Allon. The key to our one time mediocrity.

see wha I did there? Beer is good.

The Morata flick...
by Droy263, 19/11, 07:31 @ gatfb

The pilot from Rogue One is working hard and doing well. Have been impressed with him and his work rate. Yesterday was great to watch and we'll worth getting in at 1am. We need to take this Form to the scousersteel match.

The Morata flick...
by CCCC, 19/11, 08:39 @ ejm

Loved how Hazard knew what was coming before Fabregas had even played the ball. Starts his run really early.

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