P302Rivals Football - Chelsea FC
I'm a celeb
by Walter @, 20/11, 16:43

Who watched it? First time I have all the way through. I quite enjoyed it. Up the Dennis Wise

I'm a celeb
by ejm @, 20/11, 18:16 @ Walter

Forgot it was on tbh... will have a look tonight.

I'm a celeb
by R1der, 20/11, 19:43 @ Walter
I'm a celeb
by WOGFTB, 20/11, 20:49 @ Walter

I watched an hour and a half then asked myself what the fuck I was doing?

I'm a celeb
by MHLPisshead, 21/11, 19:15 @ WOGFTB

Good lad.[^]

I'm a celeb
by upthechels @, 21/11, 13:14 @ Walter

I was going to watch because of Wisey but just can't bring myself to watch it :-D

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