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M&S Turkey Feast
by stanic_worship, 21/11, 12:35

I reckon a vegan communist would make a better turkey sandwich.



M&S Turkey Feast
by cfcww, 21/11, 17:31 @ stanic_worship

Drier than Ghandhi's flip flops

M&S Turkey Feast
by stanic_worship, 21/11, 18:34 @ cfcww

:-D That's the executive summary!

M&S Turkey Feast
by MHLPisshead, 21/11, 18:35 @ cfcww

I had a Pret one for the first time since 'moving upstairs'over a year ago.
Way too sweet now. Eats 'Pigs In Blankets'hot roll on the other hand.....

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