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Rodney Bewes
by MHLPisshead, 21/11, 18:34

Ask your dads.
Proper Chels too.[wogftb]

Rodney Bewes
by ejm @, 21/11, 18:42 @ MHLPisshead

Loved 'The Likely Lads.' RIP

Rodney Bewes
by MHLPisshead, 21/11, 18:56 @ ejm

Me too.The football result episode.
We''ve been there.

Rodney Bewes
by gatfb, 21/11, 19:11 @ MHLPisshead

Great programme :-D . Remember Rodney being featured in the Chelsea programme in the early 70s when we had a regular feature on stars in the stand. Guess most who featured must be gone now.[sad]

Rodney Bewes
by MHLPisshead, 21/11, 19:15 @ gatfb

Sadly yes.

Rodney Bewes
by buckblue, 21/11, 20:06 @ MHLPisshead

Lived about 300 yards from me. Not seen him for quite a while though. Used to go down my local in Henley to watch the Chelsea games.

Rodney Bewes
by Famous, 21/11, 20:14 @ MHLPisshead


Rodney Bewes
by Droy263, 21/11, 23:50 @ Famous

Chris Mears has copied the programme interview on twitter from the early 70's. What a lovely fella. [tea]

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