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David Cassidy
by WOGFTB, 22/11, 08:02

Brown bread [wogftb]

David Cassidy
by gatfb, 22/11, 15:35 @ WOGFTB

The young girlies and gayies certainly loved him back in the day.

I must admit to watching and enjoying the Partridge family back in the day. In my defence we only had a couple of channels and not many kid shows so, the bar was low.

David Cassidy
by Famous, 22/11, 17:57 @ gatfb

You're lucky you didn't catch Gay

David Cassidy
by gatfb, 22/11, 19:02 @ Famous

It was a worry and still is when I listen to some Lan del Ray or some of the show tunes i like. But to quote from turn it off from the book of mormon (see it if you haven't as it's brilliant) .

Being gay is bad, but lying is worse,
So just realize you have a curable curse,
And turn it off! (Turn it off, turn it off!)

David Cassidy
by Famous, 23/11, 07:11 @ gatfb

I was lucky to get preview tickets of BoM before it came out, I love Parker & Stone but not a fan of musicals (not meant as a euphemism, I'm just not a fan of musicals) so wasn't sure if I'd like it, thought it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen :-D

David Cassidy
by gatfb, 23/11, 15:04 @ Famous

Seen it twice and would/ will go again. Also have the sound track on my mp3 which is a nice antidote from some of my heavier stuff.

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