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by CCCC, 22/11, 20:42

How it’s looking now..

Win the group:
CSKA Moscow
Porto (Leipzig level on points)

Finish 2nd:

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by WOGFTB, 22/11, 22:09 @ CCCC

Anywhere but Moscow

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by CCCC, 22/11, 22:14 @ WOGFTB

Luckily Basel late goal, means they replace Moscow as 2nd in Group A...still one round of matches to go.

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by Walter @, 22/11, 22:40 @ WOGFTB

I've got half term off but got no money atm. Hoping for a decent away draw during half term and a lottery win.

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by Famous, 23/11, 07:15 @ Walter

Are you around for a drink pre or post Newcastle mate?

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by Walter @, 23/11, 10:05 @ Famous

Yes I'll post something on here tonight.

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by Famous, 23/11, 13:51 @ Walter


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by Famous, 23/11, 07:13 @ CCCC

It remains to be seen whether it'll work in our favour, but there's a lot of teams in there who on their day can beat anyone and will fancy their chances should the draw be kind. There's not really any stand-out side, unlike previous years of late when you'd say there was 1, 2, maybe 3 teams, who were head & shoulders above the rest.

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by upthechels @, 23/11, 11:13 @ Famous

I don't think it really matters where we finish tbh. The way Roma and City dismantled us leaves me with many doubts. Barca, Real, PSG, Bayern and later on City would all offer very tough hurdles over 2 games. One off game final we could beat them all but 2 legs against the lot I've mentioned is probably just out of reach atm. Need the draw to be kind whatever pot we're in.

Not being doom and gloom...I just have my expectations lower than my dreams :-)

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by Famous, 23/11, 12:29 @ upthechels

I'm with you on that mate. I think what gives me a slight hope that we have a chance nowadays is knowing what a state we were in in Feb 2012 and we still managed to go on and win it, so really anything could happen! Especially when you consider the great teams and players we've had who never did win it cos of the era they were in (plus UEFA shenanigans)

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by upthechels @, 23/11, 13:11 @ Famous


We've failed with many better teams than 2012 and today :-D

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by Famous, 23/11, 13:51 @ upthechels

I reckon there's 10-12 teams in that last 16 who'll legitimately feel they can win it this year.
Bet it's Barca or Real again :-D DFS

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