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by Walter @, 22/11, 22:38

Few Twitter bans (some 12 hours, some a week) for swearing, especially C word. Just seen someone using cnut instead and made me laugh.

Rivals was there first.

by WOGFTB, 22/11, 22:46 @ Walter

I got twelve hours in Twitter jail the other week

by Walter @, 22/11, 23:57 @ WOGFTB

For calling Peppa Pig the C word, no doubt

by WOGFTB, 24/11, 14:22 @ Walter

No, it was Joey Barton

by Famous, 23/11, 07:14 @ Walter

If it weren't handy to complain to Southeastern trains, I'd probably delete my Twitter altogether

by cfcww, 23/11, 13:39 @ Walter

A horse race owner has managed to get a horse named King Cnut past the BHA, who I assume think it is a dyslexic spelling of King Canute.

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