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Watching the Ashes
by gatfb, 25/11, 01:24

home from pub and this is the first chance i've had to watch the cricket on Bt. I was looking forward to it. But, boring commentators made worse by the Liberal left pushing their diversity agenda with a second rate women commentator. I've now turned the sound off whilst i play some poker ,listen to music whilst keeping an eye on the game (but missing loads).

if my son didn't pay for our BT (loves basket ball) i would cancel i

Watching the Ashes
by Droy263, 25/11, 01:31 @ gatfb

Got a few mates there today, incredible to watch live, even when getting stuffed. Not the best TV Sport.. Wish I could have made it across but too busy and saving my holiday for a London trip .. Much better to watch the Chelsea. [shades]

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