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CL Last 16
by OSGOODWASGOOD, 06/12, 08:17

Seriously needs looking at.
How ridiculous is it that any one team can only be drawn against one of three teams, with another fifteen in the draw?
Time to do away with the same country nonsense at this stage, especially as it is a possibility England could have five of the last eight.

CL Last 16
by buckblue, 06/12, 08:22 @ OSGOODWASGOOD

I think the same country rule only applies for the last 16

CL Last 16
by stanic_worship, 06/12, 08:38 @ buckblue

Yeah it does, but even there it doesn't make sense - We can only draw a maximum of four clubs (but likely three) - That doesn't make sense.

CL Last 16
by stanic_worship, 06/12, 08:37 @ OSGOODWASGOOD

Agreed, it creates an incentive not to win the group on occasions (so bang goes integrity out of the window).

The same country thing makes sense in the groups, but after that it should be a free for all.

CL Last 16
by Walter @, 06/12, 09:21 @ OSGOODWASGOOD

If I ruled football there'd be no group games. Every single team in the hat to be drawn, just like the FA Cup. First team out plays first leg at home.

CL Last 16
by buckblue, 06/12, 09:55 @ Walter


CL Last 16
by upthechels @, 06/12, 13:06 @ Walter

The problem I see there is they would want to expand the start numbers and dilute the initial quality. Groups are always subject to spoiling tactics but at least it keeps it as close to Europe's best as possible. I'm all for having teams that finish first play against teams that finished second and I also agree keeping teams from the same country apart after group stage should be looked at. I doubt it will change though...the last thing they want is Barca v Real Madrid early on. They seek glamour from the group stage and will do what they can to ensure the safe arrival of some late on in the tournament.

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