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Paper Talk (Wed)
by CCCC, 02/01, 23:20

Chelsea are ready to push through a £50m January deal for Juventus' Brazil left-back Alex Sandro, 26.

Blues manager Antonio Conte has cooled talk of a January move for Juventus' 33-year-old Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini.

The Italian has also said Brazil defender David Luiz, 30, and Belgium forward Michy Batshuayi, 24, can leave Stamford Bridge in January if they wish.

Paper Talk (Wed)
by Walter @, 03/01, 13:22 @ CCCC

Heard from two seperate people that Luiz will never play for Chelsea again after falling out with Conte after Roma away.

Hope they're wrong and the issue can be resolved.

Paper Talk (Wed)
by Famous, 03/01, 13:29 @ Walter

Do you think it’s possible Luiz is a bit of a dick? [stir] [eyebrows]

It’s funny cos in both his spells here, I started off by loving him and then slowly going off him.

Paper Talk (Wed)
by Walter @, 03/01, 15:56 @ Famous

Sounds like he's been a right dick to Conte. Allegedly.

Paper Talk (Wed)
by CCCC, 03/01, 16:44 @ Famous

Same here..so much talent, yet he’s clearly a bit mental.

Paper Talk (Wed)
by upthechels @, 03/01, 16:46 @ Famous

I love the man and his character. I'm hoping whatever has gone on (if anything) it isn't long term.

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