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Would you
by Famous, 03/01, 12:18

accept defeat tonight, in exchange for beating them in the League Cup semi? (Obviously we’d want to do both, but if you were given a magic wand that only allowed you to choose one).

On one hand, opening up a gap in the League would be great, but losing or drawing there wouldn’t be the end of the world as I think we’ve got more than enough to finish second or third relatively comfortably still. Whereas a Wembley final and a chance to beat City on a one-off game to lift a trophy sounds very appealing to me. I suspect I’m in the minority though?

Would you
by 1WB, 03/01, 12:27 @ Famous

With Norwich sandwiched in between, I expect 3 wins on the bounce. [fb]

If I had to choose, I’d take tonight. Beating them in the league cup means a final v City. No certainty of silverware there. 3 points please

Would you
by stanic_worship, 03/01, 13:18 @ 1WB

[^] What he said.

Would you
by Famous, 03/01, 13:28 @ stanic_worship

Seems fair. I take your points about City, although I reckon that by then, we could be in a position to give them a proper game in a one-off match. I suspect they’ll have key injuries and a run of poorer form at some point.

Would you
by WOGFTB, 03/01, 13:33 @ 1WB

What he said [^]

Would you
by upthechels @, 03/01, 14:08 @ Famous

I'd take victory in the league cup over 3 points tonight. Plenty of time to recover from a loss tonight. We're Chelsea and we need to win things. Get the lads and fans to another cup final where would have a chance to nail the new media darlings.

Would you
by Famous, 03/01, 15:35 @ upthechels

I’m inclined to agree. The League’s the breeds and butter but as long as we finish in the CL places, I’m not fussed if it’s second or third. The big clubs are the ones that win trophies, and will aim to win every trophy available.

Would you
by upthechels @, 03/01, 16:42 @ Famous

Shoulder to shoulder there mate. [^]

Let's tuck a trophy away and the LC is the nearest atm.

Would you
by gatfb, 03/01, 17:37 @ Famous

league Cup. The chance of silverware is to good to turn down. A league setback no matter how galling can be retrieved.

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