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by upthechels @, 04/01, 10:44

With last night?

by upthechels @, 04/01, 11:04 @ upthechels

Conte: Nothing he did or didn't do upset me and left me scratching my head.

Team: Massive effort and absolutely spot on desire to win the game.

Moratta: Missed great chances but bags and bags of effort. Still prone to going down looking for the cheap free kick...that annoys me more than missed chances tbh. Needs to be tougher and needs to know when to stay upright. Don't be bounced all the time, be the bouncer sometimes. Lots to learn about English football. I have doubts over his confidence and I see a Torres wrapped up in him. His final chance reeked of zero confidence on the night. Is he an Anelka type of player and we need a Drogba for him? I'm still happy with him and see things getting much better for him.

Ref watch. Mostly good but he missed a glorious chance to be 'fair' and second card Wilshere for the dive. That proved a massive mistake for us on the night.

Summary: I'm delighted with the attitude and desire shown. I feel more confident going into the semi with them than I did before last night. Top game.

by stanic_worship, 04/01, 13:09 @ upthechels

Moses and Bakayoko were poor (but the latter got better in the second half), the Fabregas booking was annoying as meant he had to stop putting himself about, he was great until that point.

Morata, it was there for all to see - I'd be more worried if he wasn't getting into a position to miss them, but he does have to work on his finishing if he intends to be a top class striker.

Tibo superb, Hazard ran the game, Kante quietly the engine in the middle, solid at the back largely (although we shouldn't have invited them on, as the result when we did was slightly inevitable).

Thought Conte made decent subs (I know not everyone agrees) and approached the game well.

Perfect result before the game, but given how it went and the chance at the end, bit gutted really.

by Famous, 04/01, 18:20 @ stanic_worship


by cfcww, 04/01, 13:24 @ upthechels

Conte: Poor decision to play Bakayoko ahead of Drinkwater but other than that no issues. Hopefully Bakayoko is a learner and I expect he'll be better next season.

Morata: He has missed four one on ones with the keeper in the last two games which is poor but every other part of his game looks spot on. Again, I expect we'll see the best of him next season (If we keep Hazard)

The only thing that Taylor got wrong was the Fabregas booking. He had no view to see Wilshere dive so would be reliant on his assistant to call it which they never do.

Would have taken a draw but in hindsight it should have been 8-5 to us!. Thought both teams looked wide open, probably due to playing four games in twelve days!!

by shed69, 04/01, 19:54 @ cfcww

[^] Morata is a class player. Amazing how he's suddenly judged on two games. The silver lining is that he's missed so many in those two games that there's no doubt what they've been concentrating on in training.

by stanic_worship, 05/01, 06:55 @ shed69

Right back positioning?[keepy]

by shed69, 05/01, 20:48 @ stanic_worship


by upthechels @, 04/01, 13:50 @ upthechels

This is why this board has to survive...the people on here keep a level head and speak calmly...mostly.

Some of the shite being thrown about on social media is annoying.

by cfcww, 04/01, 16:29 @ upthechels

We have certainly attracted some tremendous wankers who masquerade as fans on social media.

by stanic_worship, 04/01, 17:26 @ cfcww


by Famous, 04/01, 18:22 @ cfcww

Agree, although I don’t think it’s just purely a new fan phenomenon either. I think it’s just that instead of people moaning in the ground or in the pub like they always used to, they now have a platform to continue that moaning and expose many others to it

by Famous, 04/01, 18:24 @ upthechels

I know I’ve said it a few times but whenever I do go on Twitter and the like after a Chelsea match, which isn’t often, I remember exactly why I don’t do it all the time.

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