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Paper Talk (Fri)
by CCCC, 05/01, 07:16

Chelsea have stepped up their bid to sign Everton and England midfielder Ross Barkley, 24, and have also enquired about England and West Ham striker Andy Carroll, 28.

Chelsea want Atletico Madrid boss Diego Simeone to replace Antonio Conte as head coach at the end of the season.

Belgium international Thibaut Courtois, 25, is close to signing a new Chelsea contract after the club offered him a deal in excess of £200,000 a week to become the best paid goalkeeper in the world.

Chelsea defender David Luiz, 30, is desperate to leave the club and hopes Real Madrid may be interested.

Paper Talk (Fri)
by upthechels @, 05/01, 08:43 @ CCCC

I'm not against either Barkley or Carroll tbh.

Fit and on form Barkley can be a powerhouse who would certainly give us some directness amid all the fancy stuff. Andy Carroll would have been very useful of late where I feel we've lacked the ability to 'rough them up' a bit. Both players would offer us an alternative to what we have and add a little more depth to us.

Great news regarding Tibo but not so great news if Luiz wants out.

I take Barkley and Tibo to be the most likely to happen.

Paper Talk (Fri)
by Famous, 05/01, 11:35 @ upthechels

My biggest concern would be over their fitness. No point in having a decent plan B in Carroll if you can’t ever use it cos he’s injured [sad]

There’s definitely something that was agreed about that Barkley move in the summer that we don’t know about. I wouldn’t buy him personally but the talent is in there somewhere...

Paper Talk (Fri)
by upthechels @, 05/01, 12:02 @ Famous

I think both are there to add some depth to us. Only Barkley has a realistic chance of breaking in. Both players would probably be better off as 'bit part' players given their injuries. I could take Carroll as our third striker...better than the zero 3rd striker at present! Barkley I see as a cheap gamble and if he can hit a peak he's a decent player.

Paper Talk (Fri)
by riazorblue, 05/01, 15:42 @ upthechels

As others have said though, it’s the fitness that is a worry, a fit Carroll would be a very decent backup, but when is he fit?

Paper Talk (Fri)
by upthechels @, 05/01, 17:21 @ riazorblue

By the same token...how many games does a 3rd striker get mate? Probably suits both parties.

Paper Talk (Fri)
by Famous, 05/01, 18:15 @ upthechels

I just think back to Remy. Decent enough player on his day, not a first or second choice maybe but good enough for third choice for sure. And yet whenever it seemed like we needed him, he was always injured (or offside :-D )

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