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by Famous, 05/01, 11:32

Not exactly revelatory stuff, I know, but a source I trust told me that Conte leaving in the summer is inevitable. This season is basically a marriage of convenience and seems like both parties can’t wait to part ways. He really does not like Marina, who is basically now running the club.

by upthechels @, 05/01, 12:04 @ Famous

I doubt many of us expect more than 2 years from any manager now. If they actually make 2 years he's been a good one!

by Famous, 05/01, 12:36 @ upthechels

Yep, I suppose that's true of most clubs nowadays actually. I think what frustrates so much at our place is just how avoidable so much of the internal drama is. Conte apparently is baffled how this seemingly random woman with no footballing background is literally running one of the biggest clubs in the world. If anyone has earned the right for a bit of control over players coming in and out of the club, it's him after the job he did last season.
That's what scares me most about the club spending money to bring in someone like Barkley whilst getting rid of players who are at similar stages of their development as he is. It’s footballing decisions being made by non-footballing people.

by upthechels @, 05/01, 12:45 @ Famous

I just see football as a money merry-go-round now K. Just a load of people taking their share of the pot. Conte will walk away richer, Barkley will be richer for joining us, agents will have their nibble etc.

It's one thing having and keeping a season ticket but it'd be impossible for me to support buying one now...I'm seeing utter greed and I honestly have no desire to properly buy back into it.

by Famous, 05/01, 13:13 @ upthechels

I reckon if you took away the social side of going to the football, the majority wouldn’t bother anymore!

by upthechels @, 05/01, 13:23 @ Famous


I know a guy that goes to every home game but never goes in the ground. Always with a group of mates...even refuses tkts...a couple of seasons back he turned down a full free s/t!!! He prefers to be watching with mates in the pub but loves to be around the ground.

by WOGFTB, 05/01, 14:25 @ upthechels

I hate it when people talk about themselves in the third person :-D

by stanic_worship, 05/01, 14:30 @ WOGFTB


by upthechels @, 05/01, 14:30 @ WOGFTB

:-D :-D :-D

by Famous, 05/01, 14:39 @ WOGFTB


by CLL_JT26, 05/01, 19:39 @ Famous

I'm 100% expecting him to leave.

Sh1t signings. They didn't back him in the summer and are showing no ambition. I think courtois and especially hazard will be looking to follow him out the door to a top European club.

Di marzio (sky Italy) who is a very decent source said the other night psg want Conte in summer.

I thought it was strange after the arsenal game that Conte made some strange comments along the lines of how he's always at clubs that don't get the players he wants... then we sign Barkley within 48 hours.

Imo barkley is not a conte signing and just pushes our manager another step closer to the exit door.

by upthechels @, 05/01, 20:00 @ CLL_JT26

It's just a circus. They hire and fire and players shift all over on transfers and loans. They see it as part of the entertainment but its just lots of people making lots of money wheeling and dealing.

Conte has enjoyed a largely happy time at CFC but he will move on and find a new love...as Jose has more than once.

They come and they go...fuck em all.

by CLL_JT26, 05/01, 20:19 @ upthechels

I agree utc but would love to see conte stay beyond this season. I think he's done a fantastic job and I like him a lot. [conte2] [conte]

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