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by gatfb, 09/01, 17:42
by Famous, 09/01, 18:06 @ gatfb

I think he should be the one under the microscope here, wasting his and the police’s time which could be much better spent, on such a trivial matter.
Who exactly does he think is the party being de-frauded? No matter how the deal has come about, all parties involved have agreed to it!

by ejm @, 09/01, 18:21 @ Famous

...and deflects away from the Firmino/Holgate spat...

by Famous, 09/01, 18:47 @ ejm

Good point, something that is actually more serious in the scheme of things!

by NORTHLONDONCHELSEA, 10/01, 20:59 @ Famous

He's agent trousered 7 million apparently

by Famous, 11/01, 07:13 @ NORTHLONDONCHELSEA

I don’t really see how and why that’s worthy of the mayor of Liverpool reporting the transfer to the police though; as much as nobody likes all this money pouring out of the game in to the hands of agents, all the parties involved have consented to the transfer and it hasn’t breached any FA regulations. It’s an abuse of his position and a waste of his and the police’s time that could be better spent elsewhere.

by riazorblue, 11/01, 08:01 @ Famous

It is about populist politics, if Joe whatsisname wasn’t mayor he wouldn’t waste breath on this, but he obviously feels there is a bit of popularity to be gained by coming across as as “just an ordinary footie loving bloke bemoaning the state of the modern game”

by Famous, 11/01, 08:53 @ riazorblue

Exactly, it also doesn’t reflect well on him being an Everton fan, it’s an abuse of his position to take petty football grievances into the public arena.
But in this era where politics seems to be about personalities, you can imagine him sitting there thinking of the career he could make for himself in the media, eyeing up I’m a Celebrity and all that shit

by cfcww, 11/01, 12:23 @ Famous

You'd think he'd have more to say about the obscene amount of money paid and received by Liverpool in recent dealings.

All his basically saying is that his club didn't get enough of out when they dipped their nose in the trough and its not fair. Boo hoo [cr]

by Famous, 11/01, 13:24 @ cfcww


by stanic_worship, 09/01, 20:41 @ Famous

Quite. He is an elected public official using public funds to show he’s a fucking idiot.

I’d love to hear him explain how what he’s doing is in the public interest...

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