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Not good
by stanic_worship, 12/01, 13:39
Not good
by MHLPisshead, 12/01, 14:19 @ stanic_worship

Nope.Not at all.Especially in the wake of the Barry BetHall case (I know it's more serious charges)

Not good
by gatfb, 12/01, 14:39 @ stanic_worship

Obviously not good but the most telling point is ' The police decided after a seven-month investigation there was insufficient evidence to take any action'

Not good
by Famous, 12/01, 14:41 @ stanic_worship

Innocent until proven guilty and all that, but it wouldn’t be out of character for them, let’s be honest DFS

Not good
by upthechels @, 12/01, 16:01 @ stanic_worship

Pretty sure most clubs fear this popping up.

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