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by cfcswa @, 05/02, 20:36

I’d have taken Pedro off rather than Willian.

by Famous, 05/02, 20:36 @ cfcswa

He might not have realised Pedro was playing :-D [cr]

by NORTHLONDONCHELSEA, 05/02, 20:37 @ Famous

Get the big lump on[:X]

by upthechels @, 05/02, 20:37 @ cfcswa

Gonna need players that can last the 90 minutes now.

by Famous, 05/02, 20:39 @ upthechels

[^] Willian was never gonna play 90 minutes, makes sense, just a shame we’ve lost one of the few out there who can produce something out of nothing

by cfcswa @, 05/02, 20:41 @ Famous

My view. He’s fast, More physical than Pedro and could still be subbed later on.

Pedro not physical enough for a game like this

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