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He’ll be gone
by stanic_worship, 05/02, 21:54

By the morning.

He’ll be gone
by CFC1905, 05/02, 21:56 @ stanic_worship

I reckon mid-afternoon.

He’ll be gone
by ejm @, 05/02, 21:57 @ CFC1905

Picked a team to get him the sack??

He’ll be gone
by Famous, 05/02, 21:59 @ ejm

Ranieri in Monaco-esque

He’ll be gone
by stanic_worship, 05/02, 22:00 @ CFC1905

I mean the morning US time.[:X]

He’ll be gone
by shed69, 05/02, 22:00 @ CFC1905

We are so predictable.

He’ll be gone
by MHLPisshead, 05/02, 21:57 @ stanic_worship

Wouldn't be surprised if it's tonight.
Feel sorry for all the supporters who braved the freezing cold for that.

He’ll be gone
by Droy263, 05/02, 22:58 @ MHLPisshead

Morning from Singapore. Any news yet. [shades]

He’ll be gone
by S_BUCKS_CHELSEA @, 06/02, 09:20 @ stanic_worship

weve got west brom coming up... tradition states we have to play them first

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