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by CCCC, 07/02, 09:57

I was in at the Watford game and didn’t hear anything...What about you guys?

Some of the papers are using this quote:
“They were singing all the usual songs, the song, to the tune of Smoke gets in your eyes, about Martin Chivers being a Jew and being circumcised, along with the usual yiddo chants.”

Personally I think it’s a load of bollocks and didn’t happen.

by 1WB, 07/02, 10:07 @ CCCC

I said the same yesterday... never heard that song before.

And as for had to be removed for his own safety, unless he was kicking off, didn’t happen.

by Droy263, 07/02, 11:14 @ 1WB

I did a Q+A with Martin Chivers and sat next to him at a function. Lovely guy, but bitter about today's money as he missed out on the millions and would have been on huge wages in the modern game. Last I heard he worked in asbestos removal management.

by Famous, 07/02, 11:46 @ Droy263

[^] I met him in the Wembley corporate bit a couple of years ago, seemed like a nice bloke

by Famous, 07/02, 11:45 @ 1WB

Never heard either of those songs in nearly 30 years of going to Chelsea games!

by Droy263, 07/02, 11:56 @ Famous

The most he said he ever earned in a year playing was in Switzerland in the mid seventies. 17k a year. Must have been a good wage back then.

by cfcww, 07/02, 14:15 @ 1WB

They moved from the back row to about five rows further down in the second half and were still there towards the end of the game so don't think any of them were removed.

by cfcww, 07/02, 14:06 @ CCCC

It did happen. Group of five old boys, completely wrecked ,were singing it (and getting the words wrong) in the back row, top corner.

I think someone grassed to the stewards, but they didn't throw them out, just warned them.

Journo must have heard through social media as I doubt any of them were up there that remote from the game.

by Famous, 07/02, 15:28 @ cfcww

I thought they must have been old boys to be singing about Martin Chivers and songs to the music of 30s show tunes!

by cfcww, 07/02, 17:05 @ Famous

and if I'm referring to them as old, you can imagine how old they were! [old]

Seriously, out of all the songs I have heard sung by us over the years, it rates about 3/10 on the offensive scale and it was sung by 0.2% of the away end!

The fella is being a tad precious and its been blown out of all proportion.

by MHLPisshead, 07/02, 19:19 @ cfcww

It's no "Ayeee Aye.Timmy Bakyoko"on the offensive scale is it D?

by cfcww, 08/02, 12:10 @ MHLPisshead

I think the way he played on Monday night was pretty offensive!

by MHLPisshead, 08/02, 13:09 @ cfcww


by Avinaliedown @, 08/02, 20:25 @ cfcww

What’s the song?

by Avinaliedown @, 08/02, 20:30 @ cfcww

You weren’t too far in front to hear it?

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