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by riazorblue, 12/02, 20:08

Just before kick off said WBA will probably have to play on the counter attack, yet after 6 minutes they’ve had three corners and we’ve barely strung three passes together.

by riazorblue, 12/02, 21:50 @ riazorblue

Oh well. Decent result which will help settle things down a bit, but you can’t call it a good performance.

by Famous, 12/02, 21:54 @ riazorblue

I thought we looked much better, still shaky at times but not surprising after recent performance and results. Really important three points.
Having a focal point up front helps so much, getting Hazard in particular along with Pedro & Fabregas more of the ball. Christensen and Azpi in defence helped.

Does make you wonder how different it could have been after those first ten minutes though, they could have had two or three before we even woke up. Mind you, they should have had ten men for most of the game.

by ejm @, 12/02, 22:03 @ Famous

How good is Christensen and how good will he become?

by CLL_JT26, 12/02, 22:07 @ ejm

Christensen is absolutely superb now. If he keeps improving then we are seeing something very very special. [clap]

by Famous, 12/02, 22:08 @ ejm

I reckon he could become the best defender in this division for sure

by CLL_JT26, 12/02, 22:11 @ Famous

He's up there with the best defenders in the league (Azpi, van dijk, otamendi, alderweireld etc) now imo.

by upthechels @, 12/02, 23:31 @ ejm

The very best.

The Rondon moment was an uneasy moment tonight but all in all a decent show from him after injury.

by 1WB, 13/02, 00:25 @ ejm

He’s decent... but suspect too, IMO.

Young and promising tho. For his sake, I hope we sign a top class defender he can learn from and so he isn’t left so exposed.

Five years earlier and he could have learnt from the best and become the best.

by stanic_worship, 13/02, 09:47 @ ejm

He's already an excellent player, who will continue to learn (bear in mind defenders don't peak until 27 or so).

Reads the game very well and he's so calm and collected on the ball, couple of mistakes in him but the more he plays the sooner he'll eradicate them.

by Gaz @, 13/02, 18:00 @ stanic_worship

Bit dodgy in the air I reckon

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