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Barcelona Away
by CCCC, 14/02, 12:33

Got my ticket this morning, but is that right the rest will be a free-for-all as it’s not on Loyalty Points?

I know things are a little D&G at the moment, but surely there’ll be high demand for the game (despite the fact we’ll probably get thumped 5-0)

Barcelona Away
by 1WB, 14/02, 12:35 @ CCCC

We won’t sell out.

Barcelona Away
by CCCC, 14/02, 12:45 @ 1WB

I know it’s the 6/7th time some people will have been there since 2000 but it’s always a good trip. It’s a shame that the daft ticket collection policy exists as I sure that stops many going as well.

Barcelona Away
by Famous, 14/02, 13:00 @ CCCC

You’d think they’d have at least one day of doing it via LPs just as a courtesy

Barcelona Away
by CCCC, 21/02, 12:43 @ 1WB

Just sold out...think many were waiting to see what the result of the first leg was before buying.

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