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Can't really see...
by ejm @, 04/03, 18:02

where we go from here. Starting the day 5 points behind Sp*rs we needed to try to win this game. That was pathetic and orchestrated by Conte. I do not for one get the eulogising of this Citeh team. Are you telling me the United teams of 1999 and 2008 are worse or either the Goons or us in 2006 or 10? They are great to watch but the likes of Keane, Viera, Ballack would have sorted them out. This is nonsense,
He moans about no strikers then boots the ball upfield to Hazard. Ridiculous. The only pressing our front players do is when they iron their jeans. Did not even give them a game.

Can't really see...
by buckblue, 04/03, 18:18 @ ejm

Agreed pathetic.

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