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by ejm @, 05/03, 23:04

wtf is going on here? Would always be in my side. Seems Conte cannot forgive whatever here.

by upthechels @, 05/03, 23:06 @ ejm

Love Luiz. I would rather Conte left us :-D

by Cfcsort, 06/03, 11:52 @ upthechels


by Famous, 06/03, 06:40 @ ejm

He’s been dreadful when he has played this season, back to the Luiz of old. He had a good half/three quarters of a season last season and that was largely thanks to Conte, IMHO

by kneesup, 06/03, 08:57 @ Famous

I just hope he gets another go next season and doesn’t leave before.

by Cfcsort, 06/03, 11:52 @ kneesup


by Walter @, 06/03, 09:29 @ ejm

I'm not claiming I'm in the know or anything, but heard from 2 people him and Luiz fell out massively after Roma.

The fact he wasn't sold in January told me that Conte was probably off in the summer. His ongoing knee injury last year meant it weren't a bad thing he wasn't playing, so he could recuperate.

His performance against Watford was a disgrace. No leadership. Etc.

by CLL_JT26, 06/03, 10:39 @ Walter

I heard [hit]

I thought Luiz would go in January, (possibly to arsenal for giroud) as conte has even used ampadu on the bench ahead of a fit Luiz. As you say, expected conte to be off by the summer ever since.

We're desperate to move Luiz in to CM at the moment imo, after selling matic and his replacements not being up to it - won't happen after that Watford performance though.

I don't think Luiz will play PL or CL football again this season unless its contes last resort due to injuries/suspensions.

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