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by CLL_JT26, 06/03, 13:27


Would you take him back? I would. Think he'd have been very useful this season next to kante.

by ejm @, 06/03, 13:39 @ CLL_JT26

[^] That would work.

by Famous, 06/03, 13:43 @ CLL_JT26

All those who used to slate him would probably want him back, then slate him again once he was back [tea]

by upthechels @, 06/03, 14:30 @ CLL_JT26

Loved the guy...not having him back now though.

by Walter @, 06/03, 16:52 @ CLL_JT26

Ridiculous that we sold him when we did. Utterly baffling.

by cfcww, 06/03, 17:04 @ CLL_JT26

I liked him and on his day he was a very good player but he would always follow one great game with two or three stinkers, not always his fault as a succession of managers played him out of position.

He can go elsewhere though

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